Service-User Advisory Board

The Service-User Advisory Board was set up so that our past service-users can help us perfect our system. With their advice and experience, they can help us improve our quality of service so that we can help more people into sustainable employment and change their lives.

Tony Ali

Tony wants to change the way ex-offenders are seen by society. Upon leaving prison, with a great CV, Tony thought employment would be easy enough to find. He soon realised that a criminal conviction is a barrier that is not easily moved.

Tony wants to help Tempus Novo perfect their support system and has said: “I want to help them because even though all the barriers were holding me back, they still got me a job.”

Chris Maynard

Chris has now been in work since Oct 2019 at Clipper plc and within 6 months he became a Team Leader. He now sets his sights on further promotions. Chris says the biggest challenge he faced leaving prison was peoples attitudes changing towards him.

Chris says: “Tempus are fantastic! They give you the confidence you need and can get you a job. They helped me a lot and being on the Service User Advisory Board helps me give back.”