A truly winter warming note!

At Tempus Novo we place a lot of emphasis on building relationships! When it’s a successful one between employer and employee, it really does make us all proud. Recent feedback from Agata, Head of Operations at The Woodlands Group highlights this. TN put Keith forward for employment at Woodlands, one of our partners, back in August 2020. “His work ethic and loyalty has placed him as a trusted member of the Woodlands team.”

The gratitude and fulfilment Agata expresses is one we all share. Keith’s happy, Agata and Woodlands are happy, and TN are happy! Another win,win,win!

Here’s Agata kind words…

Good Morning, 

I just wanted to let you know how well Keith is doing. He is always so conscientious with his work, great team player, flexible with additional hours. His Shift Manager Michael very much shares this opinion. We have fed back to Keith but please can you also give him feedback. 

I am so glad we have given him a chance, makes me feel all warm inside 😊

Take care,

Agata Choma,

Head of Operations Calverley Lane, Rodley, Leeds LS13 1NP 0113 468 7026

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