Head of Yorkshire Prisons Group Paul Foweather OBE backs Rehabilitation.

Paul Foweather OBE is someone who has probably seen everything there is to see in our UK prisons, and has managed some of the most complex and challenging establishments in the country.

He is well known for his innovation and over the years has led teams on projects that have attracted national recognition, winning awards along the way.

His ability to balance security with rehabilitation is a quality which ultimately our community benefits from, and during these times where our prisons are understaffed and face unprecedented levels of violence, are awash with drugs and self harm is at record levels, it would be understandable if he saw rehabilitation as a distraction.

Despite all of this he has (through his team at area office, and especially Mick Mills) supported Tempus Novo in our efforts to inject some hope into the men and women incarcerated in Yorkshire prisons.

200 people placed in to sustainable employment is no mean feat, but it is only with the support of Paul and his team that it has been possible. Thank you!